School bags: wheels or not?

If you told me about a school bag with wheels when I was at school, I would have laughed in horror. And if I had received one as a present, I would certainly never have used it. What is a bag with wheels, anyway? Isn’t it more correct to call it trolley?

Well, as I see it now, if I had had school bags with wheels when I was a kid, most probably, I would not suffer from backache the way I do… According to my doctor, in fact, a major contributor to my current health problems is that for long years I have carried heavy weights on my back, referring to scholastic knowledge, of course. We all wanted to be cool when we went to school so we would only care about style, but even if I wanted to, I would not have been able to get one of these new wheeled school bags, because by then they didn’t exist. However, now they do. While you can get many models of school bags, the ones with wheels are very much appreciated and largely sold. The reason is obvious: why carrying heavy weights on your backs if you can avoid to? The answer is so clear, so sensible… what better way to ensure your child’s back is not in danger?

All these words are meant to get to the question: should I buy a school bag with wheels for my children? As far as I am concerned, the answer is 100% yes. Do not hesitate! And yet, do not make the mistake to forget about other requirements. When you go to the store and start looking for bags with your child do not just check wheels and colours. There are a few more features you need to check out, to be sure you buy a quality product – you do not want to be buying another bag next year, do you? So, inspect the material it is made of, check if it is waterproof and if the bottom is resistant to abrasion (we all know kids do not exactly take care of their belongings and usually just drop their bags wherever); also check if the size of the bag fits the size of the child and that the shoulder straps are adjustable; and do not forget to look how it is made inside (compartments are a very good thing to keep order). Finally, hold it for a while and choose a bag that it is not heavy when empty, you do not want to add any unnecessary weight to your children’s already heavy school bags. If you keep in mind these few tips, you will make the right purchase, guaranteed!